No need to censor

Facebook and Instagram have grown more and more strict about nudity on their websites. Just a glimpse of a nipple is enough to get temporarily or permanently banned.

My idea was to do a photo shoot where the censor elements are included in the shoot, as physical elements. The horizontal bar is a real wooden bar, suspended before the model. The black nipple cover star is an actual paper star, glued on the right place. Every body part that might *offend* is properly covered.

The purpose was of course not only to make my own censoring, my adding of bars & stars after the final export, unnecessary. It was an exercise: what if ‘decency’ comes before esthetics, what if the most important element in a nude pose is covering up just enough?

And the ultimate goal is to question the absurdity of covering up parts of a human body that are considered … what: shocking? indecent? That in a world where all levels of indecent, both in pornography and violence, are readily available online.

No need to censor” is a project by Pedro El Bosque, the model is the beautiful Rubia Stri. The series was published in August 2015 on NIF Magazine.

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